Keyboard Designer

The Development of the Keyboard Designer

16 Feb
Gerrit Humberg posted on February 16, 2020
Version 3 has been made available to internal testers as an alpha release today. On the one hand, many small improvements in appearance and operation have been implemented, on the other hand, the extended design package is part of the new version. This includes the often requested features for export and import, rounded keys and color gradients. It will also be possible to add a no more limited number of keys to a line and to output an unlimited number of characters.
03 Feb
Gerrit Humberg posted on February 03, 2018
The development has now progressed so far that the basic functionalities are available and can also be carried out quite stably. Now the app launches into the closed alpha phase, so that a small circle of testers also installs the app and tests it in practice.

At the same time, automated tests are implemented so that later on smaller adjustments it can be ensured that the basic functions are still error-free. As a result, the development phase will once again be significantly extended, but since the test effort will increase with the ever-increasing number of functions, this invested time will pay off later.

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