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We are pleased that you are interested in this page and the app Keyboard Designer. It is one of the basic goals of the Keyboard Designer to have the main focus on the functionality and to reduce the exchange of data to a minimum. This privacy policy explains this in detail.

This declaration includes only the websites and and not the pages linked to other sites or pages linked to this site. It also includes the app Keyboard Designer provided in the Play Store.

Responsible for the data collection is the project manager of the Keyboard Designer. Its contact details can be found in the imprint of this website.

As it was decided to not to earn revenue by advertising or by sending data to other companies, this is realized on the website and in the app. This project was created with the aim of further education in IT topics and the subsequent introduction of fee-based additional packages, which can be purchased as an option and provide additional functionalities.

Visit the website

1. General
Since this page is purely informative, there is no possibility to create an account and to log in with it. In order to be able to identify which areas of the website are of interest to the visitors, the following data is stored anonymously by each user in a database:
- Date and time of the request
- Website from which the request comes
- ID of the requested subpage
- Browser used

No further tools are used to evaluate the page visits.

2. Cookies
The only information that is stored on the computer during the page visit as a so-called cookie is a session ID to recognize the computer when visiting between the page views. This is necessary to know when reloading the same page which page must be loaded and to be able to retain the language in case of a language change. In addition, it serves, as described under point 1, to assign the visited pages to a visit.

3. Contact Form
In addition to the possibility to send an e-mail to contact us to offer another option, you can enter data in a form on the contact page. These are encrypted to the server via SSL and transmitted by the web server as an e-mail to the e-mail address given on the website. So a message can be sent directly from the website.

Using the App Keyboard Designer

1. Installation
The installation transfers information to the Play Store. Thus, for example, in which country and at what time the app was installed. The provider of the app has no influence on this data collection.

2. Usage
Two of the basic goals of the app are, on the one hand, not to request data from other apps of the mobile device and, on the other hand, not to automatically send data from the device. For this reason, the app does not request any authorizations. This means that the user can be sure that no data is send from the device automatically. There is no way to log in to the app. The data required for operation is stored in the local database on the device. At the user's request, he can output some of this data using the keyboard function. Only in the event of an error (see next point) can data be sent with the user's consent, which is obtained each time.

3. Occur of an error
If there is an error in the software, it can usually be intercepted within the software and indicated in the keyboard display. The user can then decide for himself if he wants to send the error to the support. To do this, the designer can be called up and an e-mail can be created using a button on the "Settings" tab. This will be displayed on the mobile device so that any information sent to support can be viewed.

If the error can not be intercepted within the software, the operating system will prompt you to report the error.

This site does not use tracking cookies!

Only a session cookie is used for page navigation, language selection and to hide this message after you read it.

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