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When using the keyboard, 6 actions can be performed: Press (touching and releasing the button before the time has elapsed from which the touch is judged to hold, this time can be set in the design), Hold (touch and hold the key until swipe up (touch and swipe directly up (at least the height of the key)), swipe right (touch and swipe right (at least the button width)), swipe down (touch and swipe down (at least the height of the key)), swipe left (touch and swipe left (at least the button width)).

Symbols and functions

For each action, a symbol and a function can be assigned. If only one symbol and no function are assigned, the action remains without reaction. It is also possible to assign a function without a symbol (but this is only mentioned for the sake of completeness ...). The symbol can consist of several characters which can be selected with the character selection. The position of the icon on the button depends on the action: Press: Center, Hold: top right, Swipe up: top left, Swipe right: bottom right, Swipe down: bottom left, swipe left: left. The currently edited symbol is marked in the keyboard preview with two red hooks on the right and below the key. Depending on the characters, it may be necessary to change the font size or the position of the symbol to avoid overlapping. For this purpose, the tick must be removed so that the font size and position correspond to the design.

A description how to enter symbols and output can be found here
Text functions

Text functions manipulate the text in the editor.

Control functions

Functions for controls do not send characters to the editor but are used to edit the text.

Design functions

The following function do not have an impact on the editor but on the keyboard itself.

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