Keyboard Designer

Term definitions

Interaction of design, mode, key and function

In order to keep the design of complex keyboards as simple as possible, the structure is mapped using the four terms design, mode, key and function. The graphic illustrates it.

For each type of editor (text, numbers, telephone) several designs can be designed. To make a button usable multiple times within a design, multiple modes can be assigned to a design. The combination of key and mode can then execute a function.

Additional explanations

A button is determined by its size and position. This is kept in all modes.

In fact, to the combination of key and mode 6 functions can even be assigned, depending on the action taken. Actions are split of to press, hold and move in the four directions top, bottom, right or left.

The standard mode can be defined for the different types of editors. The change between modes can also be performed by the user while using the keyboard with a function. You can also specify which mode to use automatically for capital letters.

After this classification of the terms, you should watch the designer tab by tab. Start with the design tab.

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