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Software Development

Most people understand "software development" only as the writing of code resulting in a finished software.

However, I understand "software development" to be a creative activity in which processes are created through ideas, discussions, votes, experiences and feedback from some people with a different background. These can then be used by many for their own projects. The focus is not on the "finished software", but actually the development, which leads an existing software to a new status, and thus to a new version.

Each new version reflects the impact on the process since the last version. Thus, this influence of the people becomes part of the software.

Thank you

Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to the development of this app:

  • All users who make a 5-star rating in the Play Store to make the app visible to other users
  • Answeres of the feedback form
  • To anyone who uses the app every day, showing me that the app is helpful
  • All critics who show what is not working as it should
  • Users who contribute with ideas, suggestions, and support feedback
  • Reported bugs to support, that have contributed to its stability
  • All who tell their friends about the app and thus contribute to the distribution
  • The many friendly comments that I have received by e-mail or in person
Special thanks

A special thanks goes out to the following people:

- Woif Garbe for the permission to use SymSpell for the word suggestions
- Raúl García Calvo for exchanging ideas about the word suggestion implementation
- The team of the "Wortschatz" project of the University of Leipzig for the permission to use their word lists
- Pablo Contreras Dacosta, Spain: for translating the app into Spanish
- My wife for understanding that I invest so much time in this project!

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