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The Development of the Keyboard Designer

19 Jul
Gerrit Humberg posted on July 19, 2019
The following fixes are included in this release:
- Provision of Italian and French special characters with appropriate language setting
- Icons in toolbar now abbreviated to clarify what is added or deleted
- On the first click on "Add" of the design tab, the user is asked if he really wants to create a new design (after the first installation this could be unclear)
- Improved speed when starting the designer
- Minor optical corrections
26 Jun
Gerrit Humberg posted on June 26, 2019
The following fixes are included in this release:
- Fixed a bug where a mode could be removed when deleting a pop-up key
- Problem with automatic mode change fixed (reported by user)
24 Jun
Gerrit Humberg posted on June 24, 2019
- Bugfixing:
- Fixed a problem that occures while deleting the left or right word of a password (reported by user)
- Automatic change to the last mode after pressing a key now possible, when mode is assigned to a different design (reported by user)
14 Jun
Gerrit Humberg posted on June 14, 2019
- Phone / Tablet:
- Following bugs have been corrected:
- Problem when closing the symbol selection (reported by user)
- Fixed issue with advanced color setting
- English texts corrected
- Smartwatch was not displayed correctly during the test
- Smartwatch:
- Speed of synchronization increased significantly
- It does not flash white anymore during app start
07 Jun
Gerrit Humberg posted on June 07, 2019
+ Provision of Spanish characters and demo keyboard with appropriate system language
+ Preparations for version 3.0
+ Minor corrections:
- At startup, no white screen flashes anymore
- Icons for locking / unlocking the function exchange were displayed exactly the wrong way around
- Significant acceleration of moving keys and exchange of functions
- When moving functions, sometimes the symbol was not displayed
- Revision of texts
24 May
Gerrit Humberg posted on May 24, 2019
+ Revision of the search for Unicode characters
+ Fixed the reported errors, among others
   - Problem assigning a symbol to a pop-up key
   - Problems with text input
   - Automatic preselection of a key during popup for faster entry
   - Fixed a crash that could occur when moving selected text
17 May
Gerrit Humberg posted on May 17, 2019
After user feedback, the response of the operating system on input has been modified. This prevents problems on some devices and increases the responsiveness of the keyboard.
12 May
Gerrit Humberg posted on May 12, 2019
Today there is already an update! Some users have reported problems with the design change on the key tab. After some research, I found out that the error occurs if the design tab was not previously selected. The solution is provided in version 2.16.
11 May
Gerrit Humberg posted on May 11, 2019
Code cleanups performed to achieve stabilization and a little more speed.
30 Apr
Gerrit Humberg posted on April 30, 2019
- Fixed issue: swipe up (capital letters) could not be used for top letter row when number row and maginier are hidden
- Key mark is canceled when swipe up on key without function
28 Apr
Gerrit Humberg posted on April 28, 2019
Stability increased due to various messages, including:
- Fixed issue: designer crashes when called by the keyboard
- Fixed issue: swipe up (capital letters) could not be used for top letter row when number row is hidden

Many thanks to all who contacted the support to report these errors !!!
13 Apr
Gerrit Humberg posted on April 13, 2019
- Headings are now shown in bold font (better readability)
- Button added to call feedback questions of homepage

Bugfixing in general:
- Magnifier will now react when switching from small to uppercase letter with magnifer (searched for reason a long time!)
- Fixed issue that designer was not displayed when invoked from the testing tab using the keyboard

Fixed bugs reported in version 2.10:
- Keyboard preview does not disappear in the "Test" and "Settings" tabs
31 Mar
Gerrit Humberg posted on March 31, 2019
The new version 2.10 has just been released! The target goal is to improve the clarity. The following topics were implemented:

+ New features smartphone / tablet:
- On request, only necessary settings can be displayed (default for new installations)
- Display mode can be selected in the wizard
- Function added to change the colors, magnifier and key selection of all designs at once
- Info tab added to summarize important data
01 Mar
Gerrit Humberg posted on March 01, 2019
New version 2.04 released:

+ New features smartphone / tablet:
- Additional description for all buttons
- Errors can now also be reported by Google framework
- Improved error handling
- Fixed the problem that a text, which was copied from a website, could not be pasted
- Problem solved, that errors can occur when the mode is changed very fast (reported by user)
17 Feb
Gerrit Humberg posted on February 17, 2019
New version 2.02 released:

+ New features Wear:
- Button added to show the Play Stores entry of the Keyboard Designer on the smartphone (if not installed on the smartphone)
- Preparations for faster synchronization in future version
+ New features smartphone / tablet:
- Image of the keyboard can now be shared by the designer to other apps
- Keyboard can now be selected directly in the wizard
- Preparation for faster synchronization in future version
- Preparations for "Extended Design Package" in future version
- Minor errors fixed
22 Dec
Gerrit Humberg posted on December 22, 2018
It is time! Not only smartphones and tablets can use custom keyboards designed with the Keyboard Designer - from today on they can even be used by smartwatches!

Especially on small screens, it is very difficult to enter texz. Due to this it is important that the keys are arranged as you need them! The keyboard can be created on the smartphone and then be transferred to the smartwatch!

Tip: You can write on the test tab of the smartphone and transfer the text directly to the smartwatch, if its keyboard was activated in a text field!

In addition, there is now a list of standard colors in the color selection.

Now that Version 2.0 has been provided the app will also be available in the USA and Canada.
24 Oct
Gerrit Humberg posted on October 24, 2018
Thanks to the feedback of the first users the followings topics could be realized:
- Magnifier colors are now releated to design colors (to simplify settings)
- Magnifier should now scroll correctly
- Summary of function on key fragment is now shown if function selector is closed
06 Oct
Gerrit Humberg posted on October 06, 2018
After all the feedback of the alpha and beta testers, the version 1.0 can be released today - as scheduled! The release will be installed automatically on the devices of all testers.

A big THANK YOU to all testers of the last month, once again!
25 Aug
Gerrit Humberg posted on August 25, 2018
Today the Keyboard Designer is for the first time installable for all interested. The alpha base, limited to a small circle of testers, was abandoned and the app was published in the version 0.80 as a public beta version in the Play Store. Although it can not be found using the app search, every Android user can download it via the link.

While waiting for feedback, building the website is now being started.

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