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Please call the page with your smartphone or tablet to import!
Import of keyboards

The templates available after the installation can also be created via the app. Here are more comprehensive keyboards offered.

IMPORTANT: To import these templates, you need the extended design package, which can be purchased for a fee in the app!
1. Select Languages

Please select the languages to determine which keys are available. The order can be modified by selecting multiple times. After importing, you can switch languages by long-pressing the spacebar.


Click on "Download keyboard" to download the ZIP file with the keyboard. Open the file with or share it to the Keyboard Designer.

Klassische Tastatur



This keyboard has the structure known from most devices.

Download keyboard as ZIP file

Schwarze-Weiße Basis-Tastatur



This keyboard offers the typical keys in the QWERTY layout. It can be used as a base for creating your own keyboards.

Download keyboard as ZIP file

Getrennter Ziffernblock



On devices with a large screen, displaying the number line as a block on the side conserves more space on the device.

Download keyboard as ZIP file

Große gestapelte Tastatur



This keyboard follows the standard QWERTY layout, but here the rows are halved and stacked on top of each other so that the keys are larger and easier to press.

Download keyboard as ZIP file

Darker than Black



Do you love black keyboards? Be careful - it gets really dark here...

Download keyboard as ZIP file

Focus on Numbers



If you mainly work with numbers, but also want to enter letters, this keyboard is ideal for you.

Download keyboard as ZIP file




The keys have no background, so only the symbols of the keys are visible. The word bar is not activated, but can of course be activated on the design tab.

Download keyboard as ZIP file

Der kreative Poet



With this keyboard, many functions for text editing are always visible.

Download keyboard as ZIP file

One Hand Typing



If you only want to use your left or right hand, this keyboard is for you! You can even change the side during usage!

Download keyboard as ZIP file

Splitted Zipper Board



If your device is too wide to reach the middle with your fingers, try this keyboard!

Download keyboard as ZIP file

Futuristic Glass Keyboard



The transparency of the background and the shape of the keys give this keyboard a futuristic look.

Download keyboard as ZIP file

Nice Triangle Symphony



Who said keys can only be square or round?

Download keyboard as ZIP file

Fast Heartbeat



Very personal texts are written with a keyboard. You can also express the feeling with your keyboard.

Download keyboard as ZIP file

Sweet Little Diner



Keep your sweet little diner with you at all times! Who knows when you will get hungry next...

It is open daily from 5 to 9 pm!

Download keyboard as ZIP file

Light and Shadow Keyboard



The light of the word lamp colors the word bar through a green or red glass - depending on whether the current word is in the word list or not. Only the shadows of the keys are visible.

Download keyboard as ZIP file

Plate Keyboard



On real keyboards, symbols can only be on the keys. A virtual keyboard can be designed more freely.

Download keyboard as ZIP file




When you are using a device with a hardware keyboard, you can create an addon keyboard with only one or two rows. You can also create a second design with more rows and switch to it if needed. This keyboard should only give you an idea about the options.

Download keyboard as ZIP file

Neo2 Original



Complete Neo2 keyboard with all layers and features. All characters and functions can be output via gestures (press, swipe, hold) on the respective button. In addition, all levels can be reached with the same gestures using the shift key. Repeating the gesture will bring you back to the standard (1st level) keyboard. Feedback to

Download keyboard as ZIP file

Neo2 Smart



Smartphone-optimized variant of the Neo2 layout with three levels (lowercase, uppercase and special characters). The second level and Capslock can be accessed via the shift key, the special characters via their own key. In addition, all characters can be entered using gestures (press, swipe up, hold). Feedback to

Download keyboard as ZIP file

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