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The Development of the Keyboard Designer

04 Mar
Gerrit Humberg posted on March 04, 2021
Since no message has been created here for a long time, I would like to publish an intermediate result. Currently, the development of the word bar is a top priority. It will display suggestions for corrections. Since this feature is very extensive, I can hardly worry about other points of the app, so there have been hardly any new messages in the last few weeks.

I hope to have a first version of the word bar available in the beta program in early May.
26 Jan
Gerrit Humberg posted on January 26, 2020
I have been looking for a name for a function for several weeks, which I will introduce with the Keyboard Designer in version 4. When I was brainstorming creatively, I came up with a name today: Stickure! Since the domain was still available, I saved it straight away. I'm not going to reveal what is behind it, yet...
29 Jun
Gerrit Humberg posted on June 29, 2018
After many discussions and drafts the new logo was finished!

On the logo is an arrangement of keys watch does not match the usual structure. The border of the keys, which can be recognized as a keyboard, is open at the top right. This symbolizes the openness at any time to make changes and to add or remove keys. The brush on the border, intentionally held in cursor color, is ready to edit right at the opening.
03 Jun
Gerrit Humberg posted on June 03, 2018
The previous logo of the Keyboard Designer was intended only for the development version. In order to get a really expressive logo, the order was given today to the designer to design a logo. The main idea is to get a logo that illustrates the benefits of the app directly. In addition, colors from the already defined color table should be used.
26 Apr
Gerrit Humberg posted on April 26, 2018
Some templates for the design of the website were already on the shortlist - but the decision fell today on a template of Sungee Theme. It impresses with its modern design and clear menu navigation. It also offers combinations of surface elements that are ideal for the predominantly explanatory content.
11 Mar
Gerrit Humberg posted on March 11, 2017
Today the idea to program an app with which you should be able to put together your own keyboard on an Android device was born. The app should not make any limitations, but the user should be able to arrange the keys as he wants it. It is important that no data is sent to the Internet - something a keyboard should not be able to do.

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