Keyboard Designer

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The options on this tab are valid for all designs as they dictate the basic operation of the keyboard. So you do not have to set it separately for each design.

Show magnifying glass: Determines whether the magnifying glass should always be displayed or not. This setting may be in the design
be skipped if desired.

Close popup: If you're allowed to close a popup without action, you'll need to move your finger one click outside the pop-up. If this is not possible, the hook can be removed. Grade with a popup which contains only delete functions but this can not be desired. As a remedy, you can then create a button without function, which can then be used to close.

Maximum number of retrograde steps: You can set how many of the last performed functions can be undone. A higher number can lead to a higher storage requirement.

In addition, there are three buttons on this tab, with which you can watch the installation introduction one more time, view the app in the Play Store or visit the homepage of the app.

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