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The magnifying glass is to be understood as an aid which displays the characters in the input field larger and also allows direct actions on the characters. Naturally, the appearance is completely changeable. In addition, the magnifying glass can be temporarily switched on or off with a button with a function or generally via the settings.

In the app you see at the top a preview of the magnifying glass with the settings that are defined underneath.

The magnifying glass is composed of the two alternating columns for the cursor and for characters. The widths of the columns and the font sizes can be determined in each case. The colors are adjustable. The height is given as a percentage of the keyboard's line height.

The columns can be assigned functions that can be performed by touching the columns and swiping up or down. This makes it possible to make corrections quickly when entering data.

If you touch a cursor column, the cursor is placed at this position. By selecting characters it is possible to mark one or more characters. If then a key is pressed, all marked characters are replaced by the character of the key and the cursor automatically jumps to the original position, so that you can continue to write directly. If the cursor is to remain at the marked position, the cursor must first be placed at the appropriate position and then the marking must be carried out.

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