Keyboard Designer

Keyboard Package Comparison

Keyboard Package Comparison

The Keyboard Designer offers the possibility to create a freely configurable keyboard while ensuring that no authorizations are requested.

If you want to use your keyboard more intensively, you can use an additional package for more functions.

There will be more functions added to this package in future.


Basic Keyboard Package

Extended Keyboard Package

Special functions No Tab, F1 ... F12, Button A ... Z, Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Escape, Page up, Media pause,...

Hint: The app must support the functions to be able to use it!
Start app No All installed apps (e. g. translator, notes, ...)
Show history No Input and clipboard
Change keyboard Only designs of the Keyboard Designer Designs of the Keyboard Designer and other installed keyboards
Speech input No If Google Speech Input installed: yes
Supported encoding UTF-16 UTF-16 and UTF-8
Unvisible key No Yes

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