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Since the app does not collect data and thus no conclusions can be drawn on the use of the app, there is the opportunity to give feedback. You can answer all or just a few question.

Question 1

How do you like the design of the app?

Question 2

How many changes to the demo keyboard did you make to fit your needs?

Question 3

Are the explanations within the app, together with the information of the homepage, sufficient to find your way in the app?

Question 4

Do you miss a feature that you want to assign to a key?

Question 5

Are you missing a setting option?

Question 6

Would you recommend the app?

Question 7

Do you have any other ideas, wishes or suggestions? Maybe comments on the selection questions?

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If you want a reply, you can enter your e-mail address.


The answers will be sent to the support via e-mail and the e-mail will be deleted after the evaluation. If you have entered an e-mail address, you will receive a response.

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