Keyboard Designer

The Development of the Keyboard Designer

29 Jun
Gerrit Humberg posted on June 29, 2019
Today was the first time a promotional video in the Play Store published! It shows the most important functions of the Keyboard Designer as well as their usage.

This required the creation of a You Tube channel. The video can also be accessed directly at
13 Apr
Gerrit Humberg posted on April 13, 2019
During the development of the Keyboard Designer, it was deliberately avoided to collect data and transfer it to a server for evaluation. In order to allow the users on a voluntary basis to provide feedback to the developer, a questionnaire has now been created on the homepage. You can answer all, a few or just one question - any feedback is welcome!

In order not to use the data longer than needed, the registered answers will be sent to the support by e-mail instead of saving it in a database. As with the support requests, the emails are deleted after the evaluation. If the author wishes a reply, the e-mail address can be entered.
16 Sep
Gerrit Humberg posted on September 16, 2018
Today, the reference to the soon-to-be-finished website was removed - as of today the construction is complete! Have fun with the new website!
01 Aug
Gerrit Humberg posted on August 01, 2018
Right before the start of the beta phase of the app the construction of the website is now begun. On the one hand it should inform about the meaning and purpose of the app and on the other hand it should be an extensive reference work for the application.
30 Jun
Gerrit Humberg posted on June 30, 2018
As the project progresses and the beginning of the beta phase is foreseeable, the domain was reserved today. This makes sense especially because the app will initially be available only in Germany.
29 Jun
Gerrit Humberg posted on June 29, 2018
After many discussions and drafts the new logo was finished!

On the logo is an arrangement of keys watch does not match the usual structure. The border of the keys, which can be recognized as a keyboard, is open at the top right. This symbolizes the openness at any time to make changes and to add or remove keys. The brush on the border, intentionally held in cursor color, is ready to edit right at the opening.
26 Apr
Gerrit Humberg posted on April 26, 2018
Some templates for the design of the website were already on the shortlist - but the decision fell today on a template of Sungee Theme. It impresses with its modern design and clear menu navigation. It also offers combinations of surface elements that are ideal for the predominantly explanatory content.
13 Jan
Gerrit Humberg posted on January 13, 2018
With big pleasure it was found out that the domain is still available - which was not to be expected with a .com address! Of course, the domain was immediately reserved, even if the construction of the website can only be done after the completion of the alpha version - which will start in a few months.

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