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Please call the page with your smartphone or tablet to import!
Import of keyboard templates

The templates available after the installation can also be created via the app. Here are more comprehensive templates offered.

IMPORTANT: To import these templates, you need the extended design package, which can be purchased for a fee in the app!
1. Select Langues

Please select the languages to determine which keys are available. The order can be modified by selecting multiple times. After importing, you can switch between languages on your mobile device by swiping left over the space bar.

2. Select Keyboard

Click on "Show keyboard data" to load the data. Then place the cursor with the phone in the text field "Click here" and the import will start.




The classic keyboard corresponds to the structure and design of the most pre-installed keyboards. The advantage over these, however, is that you can tailor the keyboard with the Keyboard Designer perfectly to your own needs.

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Tablet with numeric block



Because a tablet is very wide, the number row on the page can be displayed as a numeric keypad. As a result, the full width is utilized and gained in height.

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The Darkness



White characters on a dark background are very easy to read - and look great too! The signs of the hold action are dark gray and only for a guess - because if you want a flashlight you should use another app ...

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Keys Diversity



This keyboard has a large number of keys and therefore allows you to write special characters with just one key press.

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Fast answer



This template is just an inspiration for you. Create a design that offers you frequently used statements. Use popups to print modified answers. You cannot answers faster in another way.

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Hardware Keyboard



Devices with a hardware keyboard can use the Keyboard Designer to display a one-line additional keyboard with the keys that are not available on the hardware keyboard. This leaves enough space on the screen.

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Base Characters



This arrangement of keys serves as the basis for building your own keyboard. All letters are arranged in the QWERTY system. Keys that are not required can be deleted, the arrangement rearranged or missing keys added. The colors are rich in contrast. There are no special functions.

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Neo2 Smart



German Neo2 layout optimized for smart phones, down to the 3rd layer. All characters can be typed either by switching layers (press, swipe or hold shift key) or by gestures (press, swipe, hold) on each individual key. Feedback to

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Hebrew / English



This keyboard offers hebrew letters and some special characters. It also provides all letters for english, so you can easily enter websites or email adresses.

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Neo2 Original



Full Neo2 keyboard with all layers and functions. All characters and functions can be output via gestures (press, swipe, hold) on the respective key. In addition, all levels can be accessed using the same gestures via the shift key. Repeating the gesture brings one back to the standard keyboard (1st level). Feedback to

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