Keyboard Designer

Keyboard Designer

Keyboard Designer

No permissions for the app,
but all options
for you!

Design you own keyboard for
your Android phone, watch or tablet

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What does a keyboard have to offer?

1. No connection to the internet
A keyboard is used to enter very private data like passwords. Due to this a keyboard must not request a connection to the internet. Only by this it is possible to ensure that no data can be send by the device! Also contacts or similar private data must not be accessed by the keyboard. This means: no permissions for the app!
2. Individual adjustments
The keyboard is the most used app on a mobile device. Therefore ist must be perfectly adjustable to the needs of the user! The position of the keys, it dimensions, labels, colors and borders do define the look. By the assignment of a powerfull function the user can enter a text very fast. This means: all options to you!
3. Easy usage
As the screen size is very limited, entering a text is not easy. The present functions and their smart accessability allow the usage even in hard conditions (walk with mobile device in one hand and a coffee in the other) or for handicaped people. A magnifier shows the entered letters in a hughe way and allows to manipulate them directly. If it is not obvious which key was pressed, a resized view of the keys is shown.
4. Speed
A keyboard must react on a keypress very fast - otherwise errors are the logical consequence. This app does not use the functions to implement a keyboard that are provided by the system, but it shows all keys in a graphic. If a key is touched, its assigned function is send to the editor. Its very fast due to this simplified structure.
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What is the difference between Keyboard Designer and other keyboards?

Just a tool
Keyboard Designer ist just a tool to create keyboards. Even when sample keyboards are installed, they should be treated as an idea or a base to create you own draft.
Individual design
With the Keyboard Designer, you can freely place all the buttons and provide them with the functions and characters you want. Other keyboards have significantly less customization options.
Save for the future
Also in future versions of the Keyboard Designer you can keep your design. If you use another keyboards it is not sure if the key layout or behavior changes.
Extended Options

If you use the keyboard intensively, you can get additional setting options with the extended design package.

The export and import of keyboards is particularly helpful. This makes it possible to transfer a designed keyboard from one device to another or to create a backup. The exchange with friends is also easy to do.

The package also offers rounded keys, color gradients and an unlimited number of keys and rows.

You can find a complete overview in the package comparison.
Since the app does not collect data, you have the opportunity to give feedback here. Thus, you contribute to the further development of the app!

Even if you do not like the app and you uninstalled it, your feedback is welcome!

The video gives an overview of the key features of the Keyboard Designer and how they can be used.

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At the moment only a German version is available - the international one will be provided in future.

If you would like to support the developement of the app, please rate it in the Google Play Store!
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